A Plant That Makes Me Gag

This is Tulbaghia violacea. Be glad you can't smell it!

This is Tulbaghia violacea. Be glad you can’t smell it!

I can smell it from about 10 feet away. If ever I’m outdoors walking or driving and suddenly it feels like the oxygen has “disappeared,” society garlic is bound to be nearby. I’ve read up on this plant. Although it’s in the garlic family, it’s not truly garlic. However, some websites comment that the aroma is like garlic. I don’t think it smells anything like garlic. I don’t know how to describe the odor, except that it seems to suck away oxygen. It’s truly awful! Deer and rabbits mostly don’t seem to like it either, and I applaud their good taste. Lovely to look at, but disgusting to smell. Ick! How it got its name seems to be up for debate, also whether or not you can eat it. The Garlic Central website advises not eating it and that the name comes from the odor and an ability to prevent bad breath, but the Eat The Weeds website says parts of it can be eaten and the name comes from it being a more polite spice.


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