Admire The Flowers

Flowers are admired by more than just bees!

Flowers are admired by more than just bees!

Most people have heard the old adage that they should stop and smell the flowers, which can be taken literally or figuratively. I opt for both. But I actually stop to admire flowers more than anything else. I’m not a big sniffer! Here are three flowers I recently spotted in our area. I have no clue what they are beyond being pretty. I’m lucky enough to live in an area with lots of flowers around, so no matter the season, there’s usually something to catch the eye. I like all of these. The white is wavy, the yellow/orange is weirdly fuzzy and the fuscia is just so darn colorful! With all the variety around though, this area doesn’t have everything. When I was young I lived in a different house and it had a lilac bush. That bush fascinated me. Lilacs have always been a favorite of mine because of that. I haven’t seen lilacs since moving to a different area of the country. And, according to this Q&A at the Grumpy Gardener, I won’t be seeing them in this area because the winter is not long or cold enough. We’re just in the wrong hardiness zone for lilacs. Do you have a favorite flower you don’t see anymore?


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