A Vertical Life

Such suction power!

Such suction power!

OK, yes. I already discussed snails here. But I find them fascinating, so I am discussing them again! I spotted this snail doing the snail trick of descending an almost vertical surface. Snails like to climb on walls and other weird things. What’s up with that (pun intended)? I can’t imagine they’re searching for food on these long treks. Walls, outdoor chairs and planter pots just have no food on them. What do snails eat? I turned to my trusty snail resource, Snail World, to find that plants and algae are big on the menu for land snails.  In trying to find out why snails climb, I discovered a page of snail facts that was quite interesting, although it didn’t explain the why behind climbing. The reason for such vertical journeys still seems to be up for debate: it could either be to escape heat on the ground, to escape some chemical danger, to migrate, etc. I’ll keep looking!


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