Discovering Leeroy Jenkins

Hmm. Didn't the other players notice that Leeroy was AFK?

Hmm. Didn’t the other players notice that Leeroy was AFK?

I first found out about Leeroy Jenkins maybe five years ago. I’ve been a fan of massively multiplayer online role-playing games since the early days of “Everquest,” but at the time I heard about Leeroy Jenkins I hadn’t yet played “World of Warcraft.” However, I certainly knew about quests, fighting monsters, lag and grouping. I laughed and laughed after I first watched the YouTube video of Leeroy Jenkins (warning: there is R-rated language in the video). What MMORPG player hasn’t ever had something crazy happen during a game — and those unexpected events usually end up causing laughs. Those are really one of the best parts of playing such a game. I could just imagine being one of the other players who was seriously discussing strategy when Leeroy comes back from being AFK (away from keyboard) and just dives into battle. Initial shock quickly followed by pumping adrenalin as you try to run to the rescue — and everyone ends up dying. The good thing is that it’s only a game, but there is some cost to dying. The video soon launched Leeroy Jenkins into the realm of pop culture, as detailed in a Wikipedia page. There are many Leeroy Jenkins videos now on YouTube. I don’t know if this is the original video, but it posted in 2006 and has had more than 45 million views. The link I gave earlier has only a couple million views, but the video quality is better. Why is Leeroy Jenkins a viral video. For me, the quick switch from serious to ridiculous really got me laughing. And I still laugh to this day, which is why I’m even mentioning the video. Was it staged or spontaneous? That’s still being debated. I’ve seen lots of YouTube videos, but only a few stick with me — Leeroy Jenkins is one of those.


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