Snail Safety

Go, little snail, go!

Go, little snail, go!

On a rare damp morning that also had a bit of a breeze kicking up, I spotted this little guy crossing a walkway. Not a very safe spot for a slow-moving snail. What caught my eye was his natural “safety vest.” I know the wind just blew that bright petal onto his shell, but it made me notice him. After snapping his photo, I made sure others also saw — and avoided stepping on — him as he traveled his ponderous path. Yes, I know that many people consider snails a pest. But I think this little guy’s unique safety feature earned him a free pass. What type of snail is it? Well, with hundreds of snail species out there and even experts having difficulty telling the difference, I’d have to say this snail is … a lucky snail 🙂 He wasn’t stepped on that day. Interesting snail fact, courtesy of the  Snail-World website: Did you know that snails in the wild typically live from 2 to 3 or 5 to 7 years, depending on the species? In captivity, they can live even longer! Seriously, for some fascinating reading, check out Snail-World. You will be amazed!


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