A Tire’s End

There'll be no more driving on this tire!

There’ll be no more driving on this tire!

Yup, that is definitely a flat tire. Sad to say this was on my car. It didn’t happen while I was driving (although I experienced that years ago). This flat developed while in a parking lot. I met a friend for dinner and afterward got into my car to drive away. As soon as the car started to move, I knew something was wrong. Then I realized the entire car was tilted a little. Previous to parking, I accidentally drove over what looked like a bottle in the road, but I traveled about 5 miles afterward with no trouble, so I thought everything was OK. Obviously, it wasn’t. I’m lucky the tire held up so well as I continued driving. What’s stunning to me is that I did not notice this VERY flat tire as I walked up to and got into the car. Wow. It really is wise to do a little mini inspection each and every time before getting into your car.  If you’ve ever wondered what all the numbers and such on your tires mean, check out the diagram at the NHTSA website. It also has some tire care tips.


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