A Devilish Problem

Deviled eggs are a favorite of mine!

Deviled eggs are a favorite of mine!

Deviled eggs. Yum! They’re good eating that come with just one problem — how to peel the hard-boiled eggs. After suffering through more than one case of bloody fingers from oh-so-sharp shells, I decided that perhaps brown eggs might be better than white eggs. At first this seemed to be the case. At least I didn’t suffer any bloody fingers. But new problems arose. Brown eggs had bits of brown shell in the hard-boiled egg. Usually only one and not in every egg, but it was unsettling. Why were bits of shell deep within the hard-boiled egg white? Were these also present in white eggs but invisible because white eggshell wouldn’t show in hard-boiled egg white? The brown eggs also seemed a bit more “rubbery” when hard-boiled. I tried several brands, free-range, organic. I had thought that brown eggs might even be healthier, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Now, I’m back to white eggs. And I’ve learned that how to peel hard-boiled eggs is a subject of much debate. Amazingly, the age of the eggs seems to have an impact on the difficulty or ease of peeling (fresh eggs are more difficult). An article from the Epicurious website offered five methods to try, but based on the comments made, none of these seem foolproof. However, it has given me a lot to experiment with in the future!


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